Spotlight: London #Fashion Blogger, Dana Cristina

London fashion blogger, Dana Cristina Malaescu, The Fashion Tag, is a fierce fashion and beauty blogger whose love for London street style and celeb styles is obvious as you peruse through her blog. Recently, Dana Cristina sat down to have a chat with BloggersMag. We are elated to introduce you to her. She has a great passion for writing, blogging and fashion. It took a while to find her voice in the fashion blogging scene but she stayed true to herself and what she loves, and it definitely comes across in her blog. So BloggersMag™ fans meet Dana Cristina.

What is your blog about?

I blog about all things fashion that inspire me, especially things that makes me feel a certain way, or that I simply feel the need to tell others about. I blog about fashion trends, catwalk shows, celebrities, red carpet events, style icons, street style, haute couture, designers, models, a favorite accessories. The world of fashion is about being creative, it’s limitless, it’s immense, beautiful, eccentric, daring and new – so I try to not set any boundaries as to what I blog about fashion-wise.

Where can fans find your blog?

I blog at The Fashion Tag, it’s my world of fashion, where I strive to inspire, share trend updates, talk about celeb style icon or the latest fashion event.

Tell us what inspires you?

My fashion journalism teacher (from London College of Fashion) used to say to always pay attention to all things and people surrounding us in every second of our lives because they are all sources of inspiration. I like that advice a lot. As a fashion journalist, I think it’s important to keep an open eye, mind and heart on everything and everyone. From the everyday woman, to films, celebs, to music, I find inspiration from all over. The best part about inspiration is that there are no rules. I regard fashion as a way of life & self-expression so no rules should ever limit our creative minds.

“The most inspiring things to me are: the streets – I could spend hours watching people pass me and guess their life stories behind their style; the fashion shows & reading lots of fashion blogs.”

What are some of your favorite brands?

Some of my favorite brands are D&G, Christian Louboutin, H&M and TopShop, so most of my readers will notice most of my articles are on these brands.

Why do you blog?

The most important thing in life is to do something you love. Blogging, for me is the perfect embodiment of the two things I love: writing & fashion. Blogging gives me the opportunity to express myself, to put into writing and photos all that I gather from the streets, the shows I watch, and events. I have always loved to write ever since I can remember. And I’ve always had such a soft spot for fashion… so it was a matter of time I guess until these two loves came together into a blog. My work in editorial leaves me little time to write about what I love – so blogging is a way to keep myself up to date, ahead of my game and not get rusty with my writing.

When did you start blogging?

To be honest I was a bit frightened about starting to blog. It can be quite a scary thing if you just think about the process: write something/create something close to your heart and then just throw it out there. You ask yourself are friends going to like it? Are strangers going to notice it? Are they going to judge it, dismiss it? Embrace it? The process is a bit self-confrontational while exercising your self-confidence. I’ve been blogging under a pseudonym for over 2 years just to test myself and keep a low profile while keeping a job not related to fashion. A while ago, I decided to give my 100% to become an editor in fashion. So I changed my job and 8 months ago decided to take blogging seriously. That means 2-3 posts a week covering fashion trends, style icons, events, fashion shows, writing under my own name, promoting myself through Facebook and Twitter. And I’m loving it. Best thing I ever did. I feel complete, fulfilled and feel like I’m on the right track.

“The most important thing is to know who you are, what you are good at, what you want to do and go out there and get it”

Do you have any fashion, blogging or style tips for fans?

It’s a bit tricky to give advice and tips of any kind. It’s a little bit of pressure and a lot of responsibility :).I think it’s great to be original and a bit rebelliousness so stay true to yourself is what I’d say. The most important thing is to know who you are, what you are good at, what you want to do and go out there and get it! Regarding blogging – just do it. Write about anything you love or hate. Don’t waste time thinking about what others may say, or what you may feel obliged to write about. Surrender to your inspirations and ideas and just put them out there. They don’t have to be perfect, great or new… they are just yours and that’s all that matters. And remember that writing is a process at which the writers get better in time. Practice makes perfect. Also read a lot, as it helps you, as a writer to have a continuously enriching vocabulary.

Fashion & style tips: experiment and be care-free. If you like to keep it simple or you are not what they call a ‘fashionista’ just remember one thing: the devil is in the details. Keep the outfit simple but jazz up your look with funky details: accessories, nails, shoes… Be yourself and have fun with it.

Do you have any ideas for bloggers on how to get started?

Pick up a great name for your blog, a platform that suits you best, create a Facebook page and Twitter account, read lots of other blogs and online publications and just start writing. Remember that in fashion & beauty, visuals esthetics are quite important, so use lots of clear photos, or upload your own videos, tutorials whatever.Also make friends with other bloggers, help yourselves out, be present on lots of online publications with ‘likes’ and comments that are honest and supportive.

“The most important thing is to know who you are, what you are good at, what you want to do and go out there and get it! Regarding blogging – just do it.”

Remember to keep your writing short, people don’t have time, or don’t want to spend it reading long posts; keep it under 500 words.  Try to have strong beginnings, quirky, interesting writing and if you want to have longer posts just make sure you interject photos to keep it easier and more interactive. Just have fun, be friendly and open-minded.

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Meet #Fashion Bloggers, Carcia & Chantell ‘Telly’ Campbell

Fashion bloggers, Carcia and Chantell (‘Telly’) Campbell of popular Toronto fashion blog,, take some time out of their very busy, stylish lives to dish about fashion, style icons inspirations, and blogging with BloggersMag™. The sisters started blogging serious just a year ago and now have contributors on their popular blog. They have been blogging success in the competitive world of fashion blogging appearing in local press and have been featured on many online sites and blogs, including HuffPost Canada Style. We wanted to know how they got started, why they do what they do, and get some inside fashion, blogging and style tips.

Blogging tips,:“Personality really is everything and your readers will come back repeatedly to see that. Also, write about what you love. It makes for better content!”

What are your names, where are you from?

Carcia Campbell & Chantell ‘Telly’ Campbell, yes we are sisters! We are from Toronto, Ontario Canada.

What do you blog about?

We blog about Fashion, Music and Pop Culture. We feel each element compliments each other and we have always connected the three. We love to show our readers fashion icons and pop culture icons from the past that influence our style. We have a few regular features where we show you how to take on a style icon’s style and be inspired by them. We also cover events within the Fashion & Music and arts community, because we love to support them and in a way, they inspire us. We usually say, we blog about what we know and like.

Do you blog at home or on the go?

We have an office in our house. Depending on our mood, we can blog from our laptops in the kitchen or even in front of the television. If we see an idea while driving around or visiting a store, we take it down, so technically we blog anywhere as long as we have a notebook or phone to take notes.

Fashion tips: “…Make it interesting and be fashionably adventurous!”

Why do you blog and how did you get started?

For us, blogging started as an online journal, but once we saw people actually started checking out the blog and responding, we made the decision to share more about other things and not just ourselves. We both wanted a platform for us to share our thoughts. [Since] Carcia is a journalist by trade and Telly is a fashion designer by trade, we figured we could still express that side of us on

When did you start blogging?

We started blogging (seriously) July of 2011

Style tip: “try purchasing one amazing, head-turning statement jewelry piece.”

Do you have any tips—any fashion, blogging or style for our readers?

Fashion tips, we believe everyone should try to step out of their box when it comes to style. You can look amazing at any budget so try accessories and new colors! We can get away with color now, so why not try it. Our motto is Stilettos & Rock n Roll! Make it interesting and be fashionably adventurous! (Another saying we always use at

Blogging tips, don’t try to imitate another bloggers success. What makes a blogger successful is their ability to be themselves and show that through their online publication. Personality really is everything and your readers will come back repeatedly to see that. Also, write about what you love. It makes for better content!

Style tip, try purchasing one amazing, head-turning statement jewelry piece. It can save your life, well, fashion styling life anyway 😉


To learn more about Carcia and Telly and their blog, visit Follow them on Twitter @her_castle.