Independent Fashion Blogger (iFB) Relaunches Its Website

Recently, Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB) ( relaunched its website. The new look boasts a clean look with segmented Fashion News, Blogging, Blog Business and Tech Tips. The site also has a scrolling slideshow on the home to highlight latest news and postings, making it easier for users to navigate. The site also has a dynamic sidebar called ‘Tips and Tools’ with links to specific topics ranging from blogging tops to writing.

About Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB)

Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB) cultivates a community for fashion bloggers to share their experiences and create a resource so everyone can build a better blog. We do this by posting helpful articles, host a community linking group, forums and our newest feature, LittleBirdie, a platform to connect bloggers  and PR in a safe an mutually beneficial way. For more info, visit

Do you like the new look?


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